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Montessori Playgroups

Parent-Toddler Classes

Welcome to our Montessori Playgroup Classes, a purposeful and enriching experience designed for young learners and their parents. Our program is built upon the foundational principles of Montessori education, focusing on fostering independence, curiosity, and a deep love for learning in a supportive and engaging environment.

Each class is thoughtfully structured to provide a balanced blend of activities that cater to the developmental needs and interests of children. Each session begins with 45 minutes of exploration and lesson giving, where children are free to choose from a variety of carefully selected and developmentally appropriate Montessori materials and toys. This self-directed learning phase is guided by an AMI Montessori-trained educator, ensuring that each child's experience is tailored to their unique pace of learning and exploration.

Following the exploration segment, we gather for 15 minutes of group snack time, emphasizing social interaction and practical life skills. True to Montessori principles, we use real glass tableware, forks, and set the table to promote responsibility, respect for the environment, and fine motor skill development. This communal time is not only about nourishment but also about cultivating a sense of community and shared experiences among the children.

The class concludes with 15 minutes of music time designed to enrich the children's auditory senses, introduce rhythm and melody, and provide repetition and a sense of order for toddlers. This joyful communal activity is a beautiful way for us to end each class together.

Our Montessori Playgroup Classes are more than just an educational program; they are a celebration of the innate potential within every child. Through carefully curated activities, we aim to instill a sense of wonder, encourage self-discovery, and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Join us in this magical offering, where education is not just about acquiring knowledge but about inspiring a journey of discovery and growth.


Please reach out to us directly to inquire about financial assistance. 

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