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Parent-Infant Classes

Newborn to walking.

Parent Infant playgroups are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Montessori, support your baby’s healthy development, and discuss challenges and milestones in a supportive environment. They are designed for pre-walking babies and their caregivers.

Classes are once a week for one hour and are open for families to join the full course or drop in class to class.


  • Preparing the Home Environment

  • Sensitive Periods of Child Development

  • Language 

  • Personality Development

  • Montessori Philosophy of Parenting


The cost of the high sessions is $. Scholarships available to families in need.

"Parent-child classes gave me tools I could use with both my baby and my toddler. It helped me to slow down and let my children guide their own learning. Not only was it fun for my son, it was fun for me! I would highly recommend these classes to all moms and dads." -Hallie Hinchliffe
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